Pathway to Your Potential Pty Ltd (P2YP)


P2YP was founded to meet the demand for evidence-based, outcomes-orientated leadership and talent interventions which not only deliver ROI, but also demonstrate real behavioural change for those involved.

Focused specifically on Talent, Culture and Inclusive Leadership, P2YP delivers deeply experiential learning for executives, senior leaders and diverse talent. These learning experiences are shaped by cutting-edge academic research and measurement to ensure impact is long-lasting for both the individuals as well as the organisation.

Most importantly, P2YP takes a pragmatic approach ensuring action-orientated outcomes which translate to immediate real-world application.

Variant Perspectives Group Pty Ltd (VPG)


As a trusted partner to many organisations, VPG provides a range of advisory services to corporate clients, boards and government agencies predominately focused on People, Culture and Leadership domains.

These services extend from collaborating at the initial strategy creation stage through to convening working groups with various stakeholders as well as Special Advisor roles with boards and governing bodies.

With experience across a broad range of industries, working with diverse stakeholder groups, in a multitude of contexts – from shop floor or work site to board room – VPG’s innovative thinking and breadth of experience is highly regarded.

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